Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
by Jen Anderson
serves: 4
  These are so good that my mom asked for the recipe. That never happens! The beautiful thing is how easy they are.

The grilled mushrooms are great for vegetarians at barbecues. Put it on a bun, and you're good!
  4 ea   portobello mushrooms (whole)
  2 T.   Italian dressing
  Clean the mushrooms with a paper towel.

Put the mushrooms in a gallon-sized zip lock bag.

Pour in the dressing (enough to coat but not soak the mushrooms).

Shake the back gently to distribute the dressing.

Here's the hard part: Set down the bag and leave it on the counter for five minutes. Flip the bag over and let it sit for another five minutes.

Grill the mushrooms just as you would burgers. (Really, they'll be done at the same time.)

For burgers, put caps on a bun and let guests gussy them up however they'd like.

For a side-dish, slice the mushrooms and serve on the side.

These are great as leftovers to add to soup, pasta, or just about anything else.