Caprese Pasta Salad
by Jes Mostek
serves: 8
  Creamy fresh Mozzarella, sweet, ripe tomatoes, and springy, bright fresh basil make this a perfect pasta salad for spring and summer!
  1 box   whole wheat bow tie pasta
  2 pints   grape tomatoes
  2 pkgs.   fresh Mozzarella
  1 bunch   fresh basil, chopped
  1 c.   Balsamic dressing
  1 bag   baby spinach salad
  Cook pasta according to directions on package. Drain and rinse with cold water. When the pasta is cool, add tomatoes and fresh Mozzarella pearls (or cube large chunk of fresh Mozzarella). Toss with chopped fresh basil and Balsamic dressing.

Place a handful of baby spinach leaves on each plate. Top with pasta salad. Garnish with a sprig of basil, if desired.