Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade
by Becca Larkin
serves: 8
  This drink is so refreshing and perfect for when you have half a watermelon you're looking to use up. Add alcohol and you have a delicious adult drink.
  1/2   Large Watermelon (About 4 cups of cubes)
  1 can   Frozen Lemonade Mix, 12 oz.
  2 cups   Strawberries (Stems removed, fresh or frozen)
  Add your cubed watermelon and strawberries to your blender and turn on high until every thing is smooth. Using a large pitcher that hold about 3 quarts make your lemonade according to the directions. Pour in your watermelon and strawberry mixture and chill in your refrigerator for several hours until chilled. Serve over ice and enjoy!