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Grilled Brats with Potato Salad and Baked Beans
by Jes Mostek

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In addition to the recipe, you will also need the following for this meal:
  1 pkg.  smoked brats
  1 pkg.  hot dog buns or kaiser rolls
  1 can  baked beans

Busia's Bacon Potato Salad
by Jes Mostek
serves: 6

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  A mustard-free potato salad full of flavor but without the tang of vinegar or sweetness of sugar. This potato salad recipe, handed down to me from my husband's Polish grandmother, gets rave review every time I make it! This is a pot-luck and party favorite.
  1/2 (5 lb.) bag   red potatoes
  9   eggs, hard-boiled
  1/2 lb.   bacon, cooked and chopped
  1/2 sm.   onion, chopped (optional)
  4 lg. ribs   celery, diced
  3/4 c.   mayo (not low-fat)
  3/4 c.   sour cream (not low-fat)
    salt & pepper to taste
  Wash or peel and cube potatoes and boil until tender. Drain and transfer to the fridge to cool overnight (or soak in cold water to cool rapidly). Hard boil the eggs (put cold eggs in a sauce pan with cold water, bring to a boil for 3 minutes, then turn off flame and allow eggs to sit in hot water for 30 min. - 1 hr. Drain and cool in fridge overnight, or soak in cold water to cool rapidly).

Chop up celery, onion, and cooked bacon into bite-sized pieces.

Make dressing: whisk mayo and sour cream together and add salt & pepper (just remember that the bacon will add additional salt). Crumble cooked egg yolks and add to dressing. Stir in the chopped bacon, onion, and celery.

Gently combine chopped egg whites and cooked, cubed potatoes with the dressing.
  • Eggs & Cheeses
  • Pasta/Rice/Potatoes
  • Peanut/Nut Free
  • Salads
  • Side Dishes
  • Spring/Summer
  • Wheat Gluten Free

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